Tucked behind the show kitchen, The Modern Izakaya features a Japanese imported grill that uses bincho charcoal for its kushiyaki creating the perfect grill. Using only imported bincho charcoal, their Kushiyaki and Grilled Tapas have a distinctive smoky taste atop specially conjured sauces. On the menu, diners can expect a modern twist in Japanese Izakaya dining, with a mix of traditional eats and contemporary creations. The one of a kind modern izakaya glasshouse also offers one of the most affordable Kushiyaki & Yakitori in Singapore, with each skewer priced from S$3!

On top of grills and tapas, The Modern Izakaya carries a range of Japanese Whisky brands such as Nikka, Hakushu, Hibiki & Yamazaki. Premium Sakes are served by the bottle.  As a tribute to century-old Japanese traditions, The Modern Izakaya serves some sake house pours in a shot glass housed within a wooden masu cup where sake will be poured until it overflows into the masu like a waterfall, symbolising the izakaya’s appreciation for your patronage.